Tied fleece baby blankets :)


Today on a rainy miserable sunday I’ve been making tied fleece baby blankets for a friend who’s asked me to make 2, they’re so simple to do but a little time consuming tying all the knots, there are hundreds of tutorials out there on how to make them but I thought I’d quickly show you how I do mine.

As you can see I use a rotary cutter & cutting mat to make mine, I have used scissors with all the ones I’ve made before which is absolutely fine, although the rotary cutter has made a huge difference to the amount of time spent on the cutting part of the blanket & at only around £5 it was most definitely worth it.

Firstly cut 2 pieces of fleece to the size you want the blanket to be plus an extra 4inches all round (roughly) I always use one plain piece of fleece along with one patterned piece but it’s personal preference as to what you want to use,

Make sure you have right sides out on both pieces, next cut a 4 inch square out of each corner,

Now for the bits that are going to make the tied up knots, all the way round you need to cut slits 4 inches long with an inch in between each one

The next Part is tying all the strips together,this is the bit that I find takes the
Longest, the way I do mine is as if you were tying up a ballon

I’ve Seen people tie the strips together by just making a double knot in with them, I do it this way as I think it looks neater

Continue tying knots all the way round

And there you are one finished blanket

These can be made to any size you want & really are a great gift to give for a new baby
Have a great rest of the bank holiday/jubilee wknd

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