Monthly Archives: May 2012

Sunny days


Hope everyone has sun wherever they are , it’s been quite glorious here so much nicer than all the wind & rain we’ve been having recently. The sun being out means summery hooky stuff needs doing though mainly in the form of 2 hats for C (as much as she detestes wearing them) in an effort to keep the sun off of her face

The sun’s giving everything in the garden a lovely boost too so lots of veg is sprouting up now & my chillies on the windowsill are soaking up the rays too

Lots to do today cleaning tidying & sorting before my parents arrive for a few days up here with us,
Have fun in the sun x

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Yarn in the post :)


Is there anything better than crafty stuff arriving in the post? deramores have some great offers on most of the time but an email yesterday with £5 off a £25 order really meant I HAD to buy something, with stylecraft being on offer at the same time I stocked up on some wools to go with others I already have, ready for more projects I have in my mental ‘to-do’ list, there’s a lot of grey in this order but it’s being paired up with some lovely bright colours, the bright pink was an impulse buy as it’s not been in stock every other time I’ve ordered stylecraft. So here it is todays yarnie goodness 🙂

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So I start a new blog & oh dear i’m not too good at keeping it up to date am I,  well I have been busy on the crafting front though so i’ll make this a nice picture heavy post 🙂


Crocheted & lined case made for R’s kindle, he’s very pleased with it


I finally got round to lining my crocheted case I made for my kobo last month.


Some bunting made for the girls bedroom.


I’ve made a crochet bag from the Attic24 Blog Lucy’s pattern is wonderful & very easy to follow, i’ve lined the bag & the handles to give it extra stability.


A cute crocheted owl blankie toy pattern Here


On to works in progress now my lovely scarf in 2 colours of King Kole Riot yarn in a great pattern I found through  ravelry Noro stripe scarf


I’ve also started a TGV (High speed knitting) shawl in my lovely ball of zauberball yarn that R bought for me last year.

Phew that’s a lot of crafty pics, well R is working nights for the next few weeks so i have lots of knitting crocheting & sewing time in the evenings & maybe i’ll remember to get into the routine of blogging a little more often too xx