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Weekend chaos :)


Weekends bring chaos to our household 4 children playing,homework to be done, R’s been working all day & I’m trying to get all the jobs done, so no craftiness has happened at all today hopefully there will be time this evening, so today’s crafty pic is my little android for R that I crocheted yesterday 🙂 happy weekend xx

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27th April 2012


Hello, well I’ve had this blog ready to go for months now but getting round to  actually sorting it out figuring what it all does & writing a 1st post has been a daunting experience, so here we are in very rainy Lincoln a dull dreary Friday afternoon sat writing my first post while C-G eats her lunch & starts to look drowsy for her afternoon nap. April has been a busy month craft wise learning how to loom knit socks and making all sorts of little bits & bobs, plus life’s been hectic with turning 30 last weekend! So there we go that’s my first quick simple short post 🙂 xx